National Get Organized month is January. It is also the time of the year we are all most excited about resolutions. Organization can help you to conquer your resolutions.

Resolutions Improve quality of sleep:

According to the Huffington Post, unnecessary items in your bedroom adds stress, therefore affecting your sleep.  Consider moving these items out of your room. Making your bed each morning also helps create an organized atmosphere. Because of this, it trains your body to find rest after a long days work!

Resolutions to Have more energy:

If you’re feeling a little slump in your day and having trouble getting past it, try organizing your work area. Sort the papers that have been piling up, file your mail, throw away the trash around your work area and tidy up the clutter weighing you down.  Also taking time to organize can help you increase energy the rest of the day, according to WebMD.

Resolutions to Choose healthier foods to eat:

If you work in a neat space you are more likely to pick an apple over chocolate. If you work in a messy environment you are more likely to pick the later, according to a study by Psychological Science.  Feeling more in control of your surroundings trickles over to the food you eat!

 Increase happiness and relaxation:

A cluttered home and unfinished projects make people depressed, fatigued and have higher cortisol levels. They also rest better according to a study conducted from Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.  Maintaining an organized home increases happiness and relaxation.


 Encourage physical fitness:

Swedish study found people who physically did housework, organizing and DIY projects have approximately a 30% lower risk of a heart attack or stroke versus those who do less labor.  Consider doing your own work or we can help create a custom system for your space and assist you in your organizing venture!