1.     Stock up on necessities- Summer necessities like mosquito repellent and sunscreen are must-haves and often the need for them sneaks up on us and catches us off guard.  Prep your car, sports bags, purses and house with your favorite brands.

2.    Store winter accessories- Keep moths away from important winter garments and outerwear by using a breathable bag and cedar / lavender to keep them protected.  While you’re at it, store away all the winter scarves, gloves, stocking caps and boots and swap these out for sun hats, ball caps and flip flops!

3.    Prep for new activities- School is coming to an end and you will soon be headed to the pool. Prepare a place for the pool toys, floaties, and life jackets to land at home! We recommend this great mesh container for them to be quickly dropped in and allow everything to dry out, preventing molding.  Consider putting it in the garage so no drips ever make it into your home!

4.    Keep the routine- School offers kids daily routines.  If you can keep the ball rolling by creating one as a family, that works for everyone, it may maintain some order for the summer!

Here are some great tips from Todays Parent on establishing routines:

They say, the first step toward becoming an organized family, is to have weekly family meetings.  It would be best to plan the first one a few weeks before school is out for summer, to get everyone working on the same game plan.

  • Explain rules like, “there are no stupid questions or ideas” 
  • Start with a simple question: “What are our family goals?”
  • Next, ask, “What are our priorities?”
  • As you continue to have family meetings throughout the summer ask questions like, “What worked well this week? What didn’t work well? What will we agree to work on in the week ahead?”

Meetings can become a great time to connect, reinforce priorities and celebrate wins.  Consistency is key…the more we do something, the more we train our brains to make the task automatic.