Contact us for a free assessment of your garage or storage space to get prepped for cooler weather!

Fall is here! Take a look around your home and decide what needs to be done to prevent clutter and get prepared for colder weather to set in.


What items related to summer can be stored elsewhere?  Determine what those items are and the containers you need to store properly.  Then label each container and move to the basement or attic! If there are items that are needed for colder weather, go ahead and move those back into the garage to be prepared as you never know when that first freeze may hit.

Patio / Deck:  

Prepare for packing up and storing patio furniture. Keep cushions in a closed storage unit and find covers for furniture frames to ensure that next summer you won’t be shopping for new pieces.  Make a plan for what may be needed to purchase for plants as well that you may want to protect from harsh weather at this time as well!


Creating a system for incoming papers is very necessary since so many come home at the beginning of the school year.  We love a good action box ready to access daily using the main categories you would organize your paperwork into such as, bills, coupons, things-to-do, names of family members, RSVPs, etc.