Society’s on-the-go lifestyle keeps life more fun, but can also make your handbag more like a junk drawer! 

Like with any organization project, once you implement a system you can enjoy more time doing what you love.

Edit: Dump it ALL out!  Lay the items in front of you. Throw away what is trash and group the rest of the items into generic categories (wallet, kids stuff, toiletries, etc.)

Downsize: What do you need to carry in your handbag on a regular basis? Now determine what could be simplified or converted?

Simplify: We don’t write many checks, so just hold a few in your wallet instead of the whole checkbook register. Keep some cash in your wallet but each day take loose change out and move to an assigned location to later convert into bills.
Convert:  Rewards cards can be transferred over to an app such as the key ring app, which holds coupons as well.  Apple Pay is accepted in many places which eliminates the need for actual credit cards. If that is too technologically advanced, consider using a smaller wallet and just hold your drivers ID, and a couple credit / debit cards most used.

Contain:  Just as with any organizing project, group like items together and contain!  Use compartments as available within the purse / bag.  If there are not many options, purchase zipper pouches and assign them to separate categories. This will keep things organized, easier to clean and maintain in the future and can find things quicker on-the-go!

Once you organize all of your belongings in your handbag it is important to return things back to their spaces. Using bags or velcro strips are really useful if you take a few seconds to return them when done.