Summer is here!  The kids were home a little earlier than expected and with so many activities put on hold we have our top 5 recommendations to prep for summer and ease the stress of managing our households amidst the season we are in.  We may not have as many organized activities to attend, however we are still getting out a little more so being prepped for the summer months, while still managing the coronavirus concerns, adds another layer to getting organized this year. 

Swap winter weather items such as winter accessories, ice scrapers, and warm blankets and replace with umbrellas, sunscreen and bug spray! For a full list of ideas and a Car Kit see the full list here:

Once you have the essentials set and ready, consider what you need to keep the sanitation strong when away from home.  Consider adding a sanitation bin with hand sanitizer / wipes, clorox wipes, masks and bags for anything needing to be contained until cleaned at home. 

It’s always a good time at the change of season to edit through toys and get rid of unnecessary items your kids do not play with anymore.  We know this is hard for them to do, so have your kids find 5 things to pass along and replace with 1 fun summer toy of their choice! 

Kids’ dishes, utensils and cups should be placed in a location they can access.  Or better yet assign a daily cup (maybe with their name on it) for each child they can refill as needed.  Sippy cups and water bottles often have parts needed to function.  We recommend sticking to one brand and storing all pieces needed close together.

“I’m hungry!” We hear it all summer long.  Create a snack bin filled with food items that you let your kids choose from throughout the day anytime they are hungry.  This gives them the freedom to choose, giving them the feeling they have control over this little piece of their day in hopes to decrease the constant requests for snacks. 

Do a quick edit removing winter accessories, clothing and too-small items from your closets and dressers.  Split into storage for next winter or donation / sell categories.  Replace these areas with summer clothes, swimsuits and accessories.  While pulling this gear out check for any items needing repaired or replaced and add it to your list for immediate action!  We love using clear shoe organizers, especially for kids to see where things go easily and encourages a kid-friendly maintenance plan! 

Let us know how we can help…and remember we offer a FREE assessment with every project!

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