It’s National Get Organized Month and we have tips, tricks and giveaways throughout the month! Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see it all as we break into a new year!

Here’s our TOP 5 tips to jumpstart January and get organized!

#1.  Separate 2018 receipts from the 2019 ones that start coming in!  Same for bills or any other paper needed for taxes…this creates less work when tax time comes right around the corner!

#2. Buy new plastic bins to organize the new toys and items that came in for the holidays.  Set up a plan for the best place to store the items and label them so you will maintain the system you create!


#3. Go through kids’ school papers and decide what you really want to keep for memorabilia or which ones can be tossed.  There’s still another semester to go and those areas containing papers are probably overflowing!

#4. Did you stash items quickly out of the way in order to prep for the holidays? If so, choose 1 area per day until you have gone through each area putting things back in their place!  Use the same method we do by creating categories: thrown away, put away, given away or sold, or stored. 


#5. Are your photos and videos you recently took from all the holiday fun safe?  Do you have a backup plan to protect them?  Make sure your backup source is capturing it all like a cloud source or external hard drive….or we can help get them into photo books immediately to prevent loss of precious memories!