Combat clutter by getting rid of these 10 things now!   Over time we hold onto things and don’t revisit areas of our home unless forced to.  This month add these items to your list and get rid of them.   You will feel so much lighter after doing so!

Wire hangers
Make the switch to consistency.  Throw away all the wire hangers! Opt for matching plastic or wooden hangers, or better yet the slimline hangers and add 50% more hanging space.

Old Shoes
We hold onto them thinking we may need them but if you cannot remember the last time you wore a pair then get rid of them.  These can sneak in and take up important space!

Unmatched Socks
Think you may find the match?  Hold onto the sock for one more round of laundry and if it doesn’t show up, pitch it!

Expired everything
Makeup, food, medicine…those use-by dates mean something.  Mascara should replaced every 3 months and concealer lasts only 1 year.  Medicine is considered hazardous so make sure you dispose when a drug-take-back day comes around.  Food can spoil even if non-perishable.  If you just aren’t eating it, consider donating, if not expired of course!

Old Spices
Spices last only 12 months and you can check by the smell…if it’s absent then toss it, as the flavor will be lacking too!  Here is one of our favorite spice rack gadgets that organizes well in any space!

Movies You Don’t Love
With all the technology these days, DVD’s can take up needed space.  Donate or make money selling to a used DVD store.

Cookbooks You Never Use
Cookbooks can be nice if you use regularly instead of relying on technology to guide you.  However, many times we hold onto cookbooks especially if they were a gift or for the possibility we might use them.  If you haven’t in the past year, move them along.

Unidentifiable Keys
Same rule of thumb, if you haven’t used it within the past year, you can actually recycle in the mixed metal bin at a recycling center!  While you are at it, label and color code the keys you still need to keep.

Appliance Manuals
Since most appliance manuals have an online version, don’t feel guilty throwing away the paper form!  If it is something very important, you may still want to keep the paper.

Plastic Storage Containers
Especially if stained or missing the matching lid, move it along.  If these aren’t organized well, important space is sacrificed.