It’s the perfect time of year to donate things you haven’t used this last year! Even better, get them donated before the end of the year and you can deduct the value of the items on your 2020 tax return. There are probably things all around your house that you could get rid of, but to save your sanity ~ focus on one area at a time!

The biggest thing people usually donate are clothes – so here’s my guide to going through your closet and deciding what stays and what goes. 

Click here for another helpful infographic!

Living in a small space can also really affect what you keep and what you toss. We’ve got some helpful tips for that as well.

Stuck deciding if you should Donate or keep?

You may be justifying keeping the things in your home that need to go if you tell yourself the following…

  • “But it cost a lot” 
  • “It doesn’t fit now, but it might someday” 
  • “Maybe my grandkids will want it” 
  • “But I bought this on that trip to Europe” 

*Always remember to do your homework on the charity you give to. Many charities rely on their familiar name and no longer have to uphold their standards or morals within their company. Some things to think about when looking into a charity:

  • What portion of their proceeds to they give to their cause?
  • How is the organization set up?
  • What specific ways to they give to their cause?
  • Do they have testimonies of people who have benefited from their service?

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