Look at the spaces in your home that are not being used effectively.  How can you transform this space to make it worthwhile? Think out of the box- let’s get creative!

We love these transformations Better Homes and Gardens highlighted on their blog and here is why!  Photos courtesy of BHG.


Especially in small living spaces, creating multi-functional areas is key to using all space the best way possible. This closet, transformed to a vanity, gives a place for related items to land, yet still including storage space. Props to stashing the baskets above for hidden items and not letting that hard-to-reach space go to waste!


It’s okay to designate a closet space to one thing!  There are no excuses for family members not getting their shoes where they need to be with this closet transformation.  Creating systems keeps the structure in your home and less stress when getting out the door!


Mudrooms are now a staple in most suburban homes but if your house was built before the mid-’90’s it probably doesn’t include this luxury.  Many people are recreating spaces to include a mudroom as a transition between the garage and the home.  We would recommend to use opaque storage bins if you want to maintain an aesthetically pleasing space.

Go for the wallpaper!  Love how they incorporated beauty and personality into a small organized space.  Like some of the other transformations we have seen, they use space from top to bottom based on their specific needs.  Make it a space you love and make it pretty!

When evaluating a space for redesign, determine what needs to go in that space?  Once you determine the function, it’s much easier to figure out the layout and product needed to achieve your transformed area!  We love how they used hooks instead of the traditional bar coat hanging space and hung wire baskets to contain items needed when heading out the door.  The rug on the floor creates warmth so if you forget to close the door it is still beautiful!