Do not under estimate the small spaces, and how they effect your day-to-day!  This month focus on the vanity and the clutter trap it creates!

Under the sink organization-
Out of sight, out of mind….so you may think.  When you have clear view of what is under your sinks and cabinets, you feel lighter and in more control of the space!

Take it all out of the trap

Remove everything from the area!  It will look like a huge mess, but that is okay.  Things get worse before they get better.  This will unveil the items that have gone missing or the bulk items you have purchased and forgotten!


This will determine how many toiletries you have there.  While sorting, look through and determine if you are actually using the product or not.  If it’s not in current use, consider moving to another area that is not as high of “real estate” such as a linen closet or under the bed bin?  Where would it be best to keep bulk product that is out of the way?

Product Is Power

When you have the right products, you will use the space well.  Some sinks have plumbing causing a lack of usable space, however finding a product that fits the space well and using vertical space will solve the problem!

Label trap

Labels should hold you accountable when deciding if you should stash your extra Q-tips in the bin or not.  Follow what the label says and maintain it!  This keeps the system stable and extra clutter at bay!