The winter months can be challenging to keep a car clean and organized. Who wants to stand out in the cold to tidy up a car, but with all the grit and sand, gloves, hats, coats, etc. being tracked in, it can quickly become a problem.
Here are a few organizational processes you can put in place to help with the mess:

Add a small trash can

Put velcro on the bottom of a container and place a plastic bag inside. Keep it in the car and have everyone throw their trash in it! Just don’t forget to empty it out.

Empty the car out

The biggest way to keep your vehicle tidy is to go through what is in it. Do this right when you get home. It is a great routine for you and your kids to get into.

Give the car a wipe down

Keep a microfiber cloth or wipes in the glove box. Use these to quickly wipe down the console. A good time to do this is when you are waiting in traffic or in carpool.

Vacuum and Wash

Try to do this each week – or at least each month. It only takes about half an hour but keeps the entire thing from becoming an overwhelming task.

Stock individual toiletry items

  1. Stock individual toiletry items — Store tissues and hand sanitizer by every seat. This keeps sanitary items within reach for everyone.
  2. Clear out the center console — This can be a catch-all…try to keep only necessities here. Like wet ones, hand sanitizer, gum or mints, lotion and lip balm. That’s it!
  3. Edit through the glove box — Keep your manual and small binder for receipts for the car (gas, oil change, car wash, maintenance, supplies, insurance cards, etc.)
  4. Tidy up the trunk — Purchase a bin to keep emergency supplies, like a blanket, a few water bottles, and first aid kit.

It can feel like some weeks we live in our car, but it’s amazing how a clean car can give you peace of mind!  Contact us for a FREE assessment today!