Have you made a misstep in your organizing attempts? Here are some common ones to avoid.

Misstep 1: Biting off More Than You Can Chew 

If you are wanting to get your home or office organized, don’t go big! Start small.  Try a drawer, a shelf or a section of your pantry.  Build confidence in the process, then try a little bigger space.

misstep 1

Buying Containers Before You Start 

Wait! I know the stores are full of really cute, fun containers but hold your horses!  Wait until you have edited through your things and take an inventory of what needs to be contained.  This will determine the quantity, style and shape of container you really need.

misstep 2

Not Labeling  

It seems extra but if you label your containers or shelves, then everyone in your house will know where things go.  No excuses!  Label makers are great for uniformity but if you want to be more creative, use your printer or artistic skills and go with free style. I always go for my stand by label maker, but you could even get trendy by using some vinyl and a cricut to cut out the words. You can also order these look-alikes

misstep 3

Ignoring Maintenance 

Systems are great but if you don’t take a little time each day to maintain your beautifully organized space, you will find yourself in a mess again in no time.  Rule of thumb: If it takes less than a minute to put items back where they belong, just do it!  If you need more time, decide on a 30 minute block each week to address the mess.

Most common Misstep: Realizing When You Need Help  

When the project is just more than you can handle or you don’t have the time to get things shaped up, call a professional organizer.  Our services are a available for a reason.  We can help!