Decide to sell your house this spring? How to prep and stage the most important areas of your home.  

Why stage a house before selling? 

Research shows it helps the buyer visualize the house as their own, increases the value of the home and decreases the number of days on the market! But good news…focus your efforts on the 3 main areas:  living room, master bedroom, and kitchen.

Declutter to Sell

Why: The less clutter you have, the larger a space appears.

Start with one room, and create categories such as trash, donate, pack to move, put back where it belongs and give back to someone.  If in a hurry, pull everything you see that creates clutter and place it in a bin or box to edit through and separate at a later time. But place that bin or box in a storage area, not a closet, as every area is up for viewing when showing a house!


Depersonalize to Sell

Why:  Encourage potential buyers to envision their own life when viewing the space. 

Take another bin or box and scan each room determining what makes it personal to your family.  Is there children’s artwork, family pictures, mail / exposed paperwork, or even toothbrushes!   If possible, pack the things away that you will not need before moving into your new location.



Why:  Create ideas for the potential buyer as to ways that room can be used, even if you never used it for that purpose.

Now the excess is away, use items that are in nice condition for display in your home.  If something is too damaged or worn it’s better to not display it. Think about something you can add to enhance a room. Consider everything from light fixtures to window coverings to pillows. If possible, invest in pieces you can take with you to your next living arrangement! 



Why:  Maintaining cleanliness and clutter is the hardest part of keeping a house ‘show ready.’

Create an action plan to quickly pick up things or clean before showings.  Each family member should have an assigned task(s) they complete when preparing for a showing.  Pull all the supplies together and practice so everyone’s ready to act when needed!