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In Kansas City, MO

A clutter-free, organized space makes all the difference. Whether it’s your office, kitchen, or basement, we will help you feel more organized in your space.

Decrease the stress, anxiety, and frustration that comes with a cluttered space. If it’s in your home or office, you deserve to have a space that works for you, your family, or your employees.

We create systems for employees to save time managing paper, organizing work, storage spaces & digital organization.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure your belongings and files are organized in a system that works for you.

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Areas We Commonly Organize:

Professional organization kansas city

Home or Work Offices

Kitchen Cabinets and Pantries

Arts, Crafts & Kids’ Areas

Bathrooms and Closets

Basements, Garages & Storage Spaces

Paper Management, Filing & Photo Organization

Proper organization of files in Kansas City MO
a closet that's been professionally organized by Kansas City's best organizer
a pantry that has been professionally organized

Marilyn G., Teacher, Blue Valley Schools

Organizing-Etc has the knack to put a house in order. Forty years of accumulating possessions, junk, and sentimental items – organizing it would be difficult for one person. Their sensible, decision-making solutions, tactfulness, and unique ideas made the process so much easier. They are great at discussing possessions collected and creating an environment that will inspire you to get organized!

Carrody M., BSN, RN

Oh my gosh! I am so incredibly thankful! You guys are just amazing. I feel like I got a huge haircut that I’ve needed for years! It feels like a weight has been lifted (that I didn’t know was there!) One huge contractor trash bag, 3 bins to donate and several items in storage later – I can actually see what is in my pantry! 

Velinda I., Entrepreneur

Organizing-Etc is the best! They are a multifaceted team that can tackle any project, no matter how large or how small. They are so fast and efficient at decluttering various spaces in the home and setting up systems to help me maintain the areas. Very easy to work with and such a wonderful experience. Well worth the small investment to have an organized home and/or space. They truly are a life saver!

Local st. louis business getting a professional organizing service from Organizing etc.
Local st. louis office gets our premium organization service

Happy Business Clients

Kristin M., Owner, Kristin Malfer & Associates

Fabulous, simply fabulous! A complete game changer for my personal home. I have also referred Organizing-Etc to many of my sellers to get their homes ready before staging. They were prompt, professional and did a wonderful job. I will continue to refer them time and time again..

Valissa S., Managing Partner, VSquared Production, Inc.

My office looked like a bomb had gone off. After six years of building my own business I was overdue for a serious weeding. But what Organizing-Etc gave me was a system that is logical for me, fits my space and feels right for my needs. WOW! No more folding card tables to hold all the paper, and no more embarrassing excuses to clients who enter.

Barb O., Owner, JeannieBags LLC

I gave Organizing-Etc an overwhelming closet I needed to use for business stuffed with things I hadn’t looked at in years. They helped me sort through what could go and what needed to stay. I left town and when I came back, wow! All the ‘junk’ was gone, and it was so organized. I could walk in and find what I needed right away. You won’t go wrong with Organizing-Etc!