Craft rooms can quickly turn into a chaotic mess if no organizational system is put into place. Apply these tips to your creative space to get the ball rolling and create a space you can enjoy!

Determine the craft goal:

We’ve heard that creativity is born when one is slightly tired and in a messy surrounding. For focus and concentration, a room that is free of distraction is best. Determine the goal of the space to influence your level of organization. If you run a business out of your home, success is key and you need a much more organized atmosphere to find everything easily versus someone who’s only being creative in the space for fun with no firm deadlines or expectation.

Edit the craft space:

The first step is literally going through every item and determining if it is worth taking up valuable work space. Tackle this step in the morning, when your senses are sharpened having woken from a (hopefully) restful sleep! You also want to be sure that the items you are deeming worthy of sticking around will be useful in this space. If it is something you may need in the future and not ready to let go of, but not using now, we recommend moving to a storage location and labeling clearly

Categorize and Containerize:

Once you’ve weeded out the unnecessary, categorize and store ‘like with like.’ When this is done in the craft room, as well as throughout your whole house, you will be able to access what is needed easily and refrain from purchasing duplicates. When choosing containers, be sure that you can see the contents within. Remember out of sight, out of mind, which can be dangerous when dealing with so many little items. As with every situation…label clearly and consistently!