Greeting cards take a back seat to digital alternatives today, but that makes them all the more special when they are given and, of course, received! If you are the sentimental type and you wish to keep every card from every birthday, holiday and graduation, you may find yourself with an organizational dilemma!


To Receive A Card


The best way to keep the sentiment of it but clear the clutter is to scan or take a picture of each. You can still keep the more personal cards, but this should keep your stash more manageable. Since you have a digital copy it will also make it easier to share with others in the future.


An alternative to scanning is creating booklets. These are organized either by occasion or person.

To Give A Card


Creating a card collection to have on hand is a great way to stay ahead of the events needing a card. It will also save you time along the way.


Choose a small container and categorize with your custom occasions. This will save money as well if you purchase cards as you find them on sale. Best of all, you will keep the traditional method of card giving alive and well.