Recipe collecting becomes difficult as our traditional methods are being replaced with digital versions.  Here are the top preferred ways to organize your recipe collection and gather new ones just in time for the changing seasons and holidays ahead!


Recipe Binder

Find a binder with page protectors and photo protectors to keep clippings safe from any potential ingredient spills, and it also makes the rearrangement of recipes a snap.

Photo Book

Take your favorite or family recipes and use an online service to create a photo book. (A spiral bound version will flat on the counter, making it easy to manage while cooking).  It’s basically like creating your very own custom recipe book!  It can quickly be duplicated and given as a gift to a friend or family member that looks like you put a lot of time into the gift!

Address Book

f you prefer to hand write your recipes, an address book is a great way to organize your go-to recipes making them easily accessible and can take while traveling.

Digital Apps


Offers customized categories, tagged searching, as well as the option to enlarge for better viewing while cooking.


Makes any internet page easily transferable to save the information in this problem allowing quick access.

Recipe Box

Has good reviews as it categorizes all recipes so you can easily scroll through or search for a specific one. The best part is you can customize your shopping list and email to yourself for shopping ease.


Copy and paste every recipe into an email and then email it to yourself using a filter such as “RECIPE- ____” and move into a folder called Recipes. When you keep the subject line consistent, you can search the email by a recipe name very easily.


Set up an account and create public or private digital boards.  The pictures of the finished product are a great way to gain inspiration when in a cooking rut! The search function is not as great when looking for something you pinned to a board, but they are all at your fingertips!