Prevent the pantry from becoming a clutter trap or dumping zone with these simple tips!  Summer is right around the corner so now is the time to create a system customized to fit your lifestyle that even your kids can maintain.


1. Think about what categories you need as a family and use specific product for pantry organization utilizing all the vertical space most pantries offer!

2.  Decide what zones you access the most or kids need to access and place items accordingly.

3. Lastly, for the unused tall shelves, corners and floor area, think about items you rarely use and place them there.  You want your main go-to items to be placed between waist and eye level for easiest access!

Pantry Zone ideas:

On-the-Go:  Many families spend their weekends at their kid’s extracurricular activities and money can be saved if food and drinks are purchased beforehand.  It may be smart to store portable coolers nearby to create a quick meal to take with you.

Baking and Spices:  Generally these items will be used together and storing them together just makes sense.  Using airtight clear containers will help preserve baking flours and spice risers will elevate jars so you can quickly find what you need.


Weeknight Dinners:  If it helps you to organize each day of the week you plan on cooking by placing all ingredients together, then go for it!  It may make the long day just a tad bit easier, but again use vertical space wisely, either by stacking bins or using taller ones.


Kids’ Lunches: 

If you purchase things specific to kids lunches, go ahead and contain together. This keeps your kids involved in the process and excited for their lunches.


If you have guests visit unexpectedly, what can you have on hand that makes for a quick appetizer or snack?  Think simple and quality. Then contain anything related together so you know everything is there and ready to put together on a whim!


Maybe you like to keep various ingredients and cooking stocks on hand at all times.  Create a list of family food staples. Then, organize them in a way so it is easy to see when one is running low.  Tall clear bins are a great way to use vertical space, contain together and see what is inside.


Home Remedies:  

Keep everything together that will cure any sickness as it relates to food and drink whether that be a carbonated drink or chicken noodle soup.  You will thank yourself the next time you are home with a sick family member.

Kids’ Snacks: 

With boredom comes snacking so prepare for the summer by preparing healthy snacks that the kids can access as needed on their own.

Food Type:  

Organizing canned veggies, fruits, soups etc into categories makes them easy to find.  A great way to store canned goods so easy to see is by using a lazy susan so you have 360 degree access.