Recipe Organization is a bigger deal than you think. Did you know that Americans throw away approximately 200 pounds of food each year, which is roughly $1,500 for a family of four! By organizing your recipes and meal planning you can prevent this type of loss.

A Paper Recipe vs. Electronic Recipe? Which do you prefer?  

Here is a custom recipe organization project before / after of recipes converted electronically we completed this month!  


Recipe Organization:


 Create a photobook with original handwritten recipes or typed up to keep consistency that are family faves or even special ones handed down from generations, which second as a great gift to family members!  We can create for you if you need assistance!


Use the good ‘ole clip and file method.  If it works for you then don’t mess with it!  Just consider organizing by category and keeping the recipe format consistent.  



OrganizEat is an app we recently used to organize a custom collection of favorite recipes (see before / after above).  The great thing about this app is the ability to snap a picture of the recipe rather than typing them all out!  It allows you to create categories specific to your needs and it’s with you all the time! Recipes, meal planning and grocery lists are at your fingertips.

Do you prefer cooking from a cookbook but struggle finding that favorite go-to recipe?  EatYourBooks is the best of both worlds! You add your own cookbooks creating a custom recipe index for quick finds in your personal collection.  It also has a forum for swapping cooking tips and advice.  

Meal Planning:


Use meal planning printables, like seen here from one of our favorite paper management resources.  These are great as you can keep your meal planning calendars and recipes sheets consistent. This is for the person who likes to have a paper copy to refer to!

Create your ownmeal planning templates to make as custom as you like.  Post for your family to see so there’s never a question as to, “What’s for dinner?”

Electronic Recipe

Emeals is a great meal planning tool where you can plug in dietary restrictions or choose from meal plan options to take the guess work out of it! It helps you plan efficiently and links the grocery list to Instacart, Walmart grocery and other shopping services if you choose to have your grocery shopping done for you. 

From Cheryl:
 I have big news for Organizing-Etc. as I have decided to step back and manage my limited clientele and hand the business over to Karen Swart!  She has done a great job managing the business the past several years and I know you all are in good hands.  I look forward to the growth of Organizing-Etc in the years to come.  It’s been a blessed 10 years serving Kansas City! 

All the best,
Cheryl Murray