Quarantine has us all thinking of things we may not have before – and it is a great opportunity to get that garage organized!


Quarantine Time 

Lack of time is the main reason our houses lack order and organization.  While we have plenty of this on our hands right now, set up a plan determining what your house’s end goal is.
Start with the garage since season change brings on a whole new set of items to shift in and out.  Spring has sprung and better to get it organized now and ready for your active lifestyle once we are back at it! 

Quarantine Help

 You might even have an abundance of this at home now too!  If so, delegate roles to everyone willing to pitch in. However, if it is just you alone, create daily goals to keep the project moving but not getting overwhelmed.  We are always available to assist as well.

Categorize and Edit

The first step of the organizing process is to remove everything… either from the area you plan on tackling for the day or the whole garage if you are doing at once. 

Next, separate into categories, such as, sports, lawn care, automotive, gardening, tools and they can get more specific as we integrate containers later.

To edit means to weed out the things that do not belong in the garage or take up unnecessary space, trash, donations, recycling etc. When determining what should stay in the garage, if it is something that used less than once per month, consider relocating in the basement or another storage space in the house. 


Reconsider where you have things placed in your garage space.  Ask yourself, what is working or what isn’t working and problem solve.  Placement is important depending how you use things together. Remember shelves between knees and eye level are easiest to access. Put things you use less frequently on very high or very low shelves. Utilize as much vertical space where possible. 


Product is key when it comes to using space well and maintaining order.  We have many recommended product sources we would be happy to help you with and can be discussed virtually!  Feel free to reach out to us as we are happy to help! If you are unable to purchase needed product at this time, section off categories and label so you remember your plan.  When proper product is purchased, labeling the contents within keeps it easy to locate and your hard work organizing easy-to-maintain.

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