We are very excited to launch this new photo service as many of our clients are requesting this in our day of digital photography!  Let us help you streamline your photos for those milestone events when stress is high.  Getting organized now will help when that time comes, as well as insure your photos are safe along the journey!  Here is what the process looks like!

  • Phone consultation to discuss your needs
  • Meet in person
    • Together, we will decide on a system that works best for you and alleviates your stress associated with the photos you already have and what it will look like receiving a photo in the future. Then, we will decide on the number of photos to start with (5,000-10,000) and copy photos to our external hard drive to organize! This meeting will ensure we set up a system that is custom for your needs and consolidate photos from all cameras, smartphones, digital folders etc.
  • Remotely, we will organize the first 5,000-10,000 digital photos on our hard drive.
  • Once organized, we will have a follow up meeting and transfer the organized files to a source of your choice, depending if you need access to these files easily or more for reference, and setup online/hard drive backup as well. (external hard drive not provided)
  • Custom checklist for photo management maintenance or quarterly appointments.

Photo organization photo books can be made per year or event to get some of the favorite photos in print to enjoy.

More details to come on this service.