Your photos are important so we want to help you keep them! See our photo book special just in time for the holidays below!

In this day of digital photography we forget to print photos. It is so easy to share them online but what about those who don’t have access to the internet?  There are so many options when it comes to printing. We have so many photos to sort through it can be overwhelming. We can help.

Why Print Photos?

1) Printing makes perfect– when we print our photos we tend to notice all the details which might inspire us to take better photos in the future, capturing the full beauty of each experience.

2) Keeps moments fresh in our minds– just like journaling helps you remember experiences a printed photo does the same and especially for children, as it helps them reminisce, giving us all a sense of gratitude of experiences made.

3) Feels productive–seeing all the hard work printed out in a beautiful way just feels good. And, it’s tangible enough to give as a meaningful gift. Showing you put time and energy into the recipient’s reaction gives the gift staying power for many years to come. It also tells a story that is more memorable than viewing a quick digital image.

4) Not everyone is online–just a guess that your social group isn’t 100 percent online. And if they are online doesn’t necessarily mean they have seen all your photos.

5) In an instant photos can be gone–we have all at one point suffered the pain of losing, breaking or forgetting a phone and in an instant (if not saved to a database) those photos are gone forever.  Or the opposite if you only have a copy that is printed, a digital scan is necessary to ensure it’s protected.

6) Standards change–technology used to produce objects fade away and are replaced with alternatives and software that is supposed to render images can’t render older formats so images no longer exist.

Frame with old paper and photos. Objects over wooden planks.