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Top 4 Tips To Stay Organized On Vacation!

Get organized for your upcoming trip and enjoy more vacation time instead of wasting it looking for needed items.  These 4 tips will help you get prepped and packed!

1. Checklist. 
We all think we will remember when we need it, but preparing for a trip can be stressful! Checklists are mandatory especially if you aren’t an avid traveler.  When you think of it, put it down regardless so you free up mental space and energy that it takes to pack well!

How to — either text yourself things as they come to memory or keep a notes tab up and running.  Wunderlist is a great app you can share with others and check off tasks syncing with other invitees to keep it up-to-date!

2.  Less. 
It’s so easy to over pack!  Especially if you will have access to a washing machine, pack less.  The fewer things you bring along, the less time you’ll spend keeping track of your things or digging through your bags to find what you’re looking for.

How to – Pull favorites or mandatory garments out depending on your needs for the trip and create multiple ways to wear them.  Planning your wardrobe ahead will prevent you from wasting vacation time doing so and your stress will decrease if you think through coordinating outfits multiple ways.

3.  Location. 
Determine what needs to go where when packing either your suitcase or car!  Put like things together and categorize so all is easy to find when you need it.  Would hate to waste time looking for things unnecessarily and interrupt your vacation mode!

How to — For example, place a trash bag next to the snacks / cooler and batteries with the tech gadgets. 

4.  Return.  
When you use it, put it back in the same spot.  This ensures it will be ready for you the next time you need it without wasting time looking around!

How to — Choose pockets in your bags and use pouches to categorize like items to hold the frequently used items making it easy to put back after use. 

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