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Start Small!

We are on the front end of the year and there is still time to make some small changes that will have a big impact on the rest of your year!  If you need some areas to focus on here are our favorites to tackle first!

Take time to reflect on the thing that bothers you the most or becomes a stumbling block throughout your day.  Is it your photos and fear of losing them if something happened to your main storage device?  Is it the disorder you run into everyday as you are getting out the door for work?  Whatever it may be, prioritize the area that causes the most stress.


Prevent the Unnecessary

If you have trouble tackling the mail, get started by decreasing the junk mail and email while you’re at it! Register at to stop unnecessary mail and to unsubscribe from emails.  If you do not want to lose all communication and receive good deals still, consider setting up a smart mailbox to automatically send incoming deal emails to a folder separate from your inbox minimizing distraction and impulse purchases.

Create New Habits

The one habit you can begin now to help prevent an overload of work at the end of the week is washing one load of laundry every morning.  Stay on top of it in smaller portions and it will feel much better.  For the clothing that we wear once and don’t want to wash until completely necessary, use an open-top basket, bin or hooks because they are easily accessible and prevent a pile-up on a flat surface.

Clear the Mind

Delete social media apps off your phone for a planned amount of time to break any bad habits from social media. When you add the apps back to your phone, turn off notifications that distract you from doing what really needs to be done when accessing your phone.  It’s amazing what that little red notification button can do to you!

Protect the Memories

Disorganization on your devices translates to potential deletion of important data.  Whether it be photos and videos or important files.  Clean up your computers desktop by using folders to create categories and organizing files into them.  Also think about your phone storage.  Backup all photos and videos from every device so you have the hard files to access quickly using a USB/External hard drive and also use a cloud option to keep them protected as another form of backup as well.  This day in age, we hardly print photos.  Creating and printing family yearbooks are a unique way to highlight the memories for each year!

We have got to create space.  If we don’t then our lives will feel out of control.  Simplifying things at home will definitely be a great place to start as it will carry over into every area of your life.

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