More love. More freedom.  More happiness.  More purpose.  This is what we wish for you this holiday season! 

1.  Declutter.  Choose a day and pre-planned amount of time to declutter.  And better yet, donate extra stuff to a local organization that needs those items.  You will feel a sense of freedom and keep your mind clear in this month of hustle and bustle!

2. Slow down.  Think of a way to slow time down that creates meaningful face-time with the ones you love.  Maybe it’s creating a tradition to read a book together as a family with hot cocoa, or plan a quick getaway during the rush of the month.  Plan for it now so you control the speed of time and prioritize what means most to you.  

3. Say no.  Every holiday event that comes across your path does not have to be prioritized.  Choose your favorites and schedule!

4.  Prioritize you. Yes it is ok.  Book a day of nothing into your schedule.  Do not feel guilty spending time on yourself!  What is it you need most? Sleep, exercise, spending time on a hobby, or spending time with a friend…whatever it is that fills your tank, plan a day around it!

5. Deadline. Plan a day to be completed with holiday shopping.  This will keep the stress level low and allow you to shift gears toward prepping the gifts and preparing for the events associated with your celebrating.

We would love to assist you in any way we can!  Feel free to reach out for a free assessment of your project or needs!