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How Do You Maintain Your Organized Space?

Trying to maintain an organized space?  This can be the hardest part!  Often times we will maintain an organized space if we spend the extra time investing in products we like to spruce up a space, rather than just going for the practical option.  Get creative and make it pretty. If you enjoy the look of the space, you will be more likely to maintain the order on a consistent basis.

How to:

  1.  Containerize using decorative bins (but if you cannot see the items within make sure you label well!)
  2. Add staged décor to tabletops that become clutter zones.  For example, use decorative trays to take up the horizontal space to prevent them from becoming clutter traps.
  3. Add designed paper like wallpaper to drawers and interior spaces.  There are so many options available so be as creative as you like!

Example # 1:  Wallpaper was used to create a background to liven up an enclosed pantry.  Consistent containers are also used to maintain a rhythm and makes it much more pleasing to the eye.  Labeling is still very important to know what categories you have set up and will help you maintain the order!

Example # 2:  By filling shelf space with decor, the temptation to fill it with clutter minimizes.  Using containers is still a good idea for smaller items and since they are completely visible make sure you still categorize within the containers.  You can bypass the labels if you prefer to not have them be visible!

Look around your house….what areas become dumping zones throughout your week?  Combat clutter by creating a pretty space and adding something decorative to prevent placing day-to-day items that soon pile up to create masses of clutter!

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