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Can I Have A Junk Drawer?

Cords Are a Culprit

Oh how we need them this day in age, but keep the cord stash to a minimum in the junk drawer.  The mass amount of cords should be placed elsewhere, but label them so you know quickly what they work for and know when you dispose of a device the cord can go too!

Small Items Stack Up

Small tools, paperclips and screws create immediate clutter if not given a place to land.  Consider a magnetized bowl like this one that easily collects the small random items you need to find fast.

Loose change can accumulate fast, and this coin sorter organizes them by type to allow them to be easily rolled!

Batteries Bulk It Up

A couple go-to batteries can be stored in a small PLASTIC bin within the junk drawer but your mass amount needs to find a new home.  Especially keep 9-volt batteries stored away from any metal.  This battery organizer is a great way to store batteries safely.

Junk Drawer Rule of Thumb!

Create categories within the drawer space and contain each section or item if there is a lot of one thing.  These Plastic Desk Drawer Organizers are a great tool to use as they allow customization using different sized bins depending on how many of each item you need there.

  • Give everything a location to land to maintain the organization you set into place.
  • Limit the amount of items so it does not quickly become cluttered.


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