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5 Must-Do’s for Back to School!

Of course, you go back-to-school shopping and the rush of all the newness is exciting but prioritize getting things organized before you send them off!  Include your kids and use these teachable moments to set them up for success.

1. Create an action box

This not only helps you stay on top of it but teaches your kids how to file and organize papers. Each child should have their own folder with their name on it and you can get even more specific within each file. Create one for school or sports, whatever is needed to maintain some paper order around the house.

Keep this file at your fingertips so that all of the papers that come in the door have a place to land before wreaking havoc on your countertops.

2. Homework station

It’s hard enough for your kids knowing they have to do more work when they get home, so make a specific area with all the tools needed to ensure success for your kids. Make it fun and inviting, yet separate from any other area so the designated space maintains order for homework and homework only.  Create framed quotes or pictures to keep them motivated and of course, snacks always help. Have any supplies they may need at their fingertips and again explain to your children that these items need to stay here so there are no obstacles in the way when it comes to completing homework looking for items needed.

3. Lunch making / self-serve snack station

Before the week starts, prepare healthy options in snack baggies for quick grab snacks or lunch prepared for the week. Hopefully starting this routine off at the beginning will guarantee some much-needed assistance from your littles and getting snacks and lunch to where they need to go each day. Remember the goal is to teach them the tools they need and help them throughout their life.

Start instilling these organization principles into your child’s routine now, helping set them off on the right foot when they are off to college and on their own!

4. Day of the week clothing organizers

You can use the standard vertical system that you see used in kids closets as using vertical space is best to create the most space or by using folded clothes in a dresser with labels. However it looks for your situation, make a plan for the week that way you know you have all uniforms ready to go or pieces laundered and ready to make their outfits. This also decreases mid-week clothing battles with some children.  And yes, we are entering sock season again so make sure you have your stash replenished. Don’t be afraid to throw all your current socks in the rag pile and start fresh with all new matching socks to make finding them easier in the day-to-day hustle.

5. Prepare for extracurricular activities

It’s hard enough getting kids where they need to be on time, at the same time in some cases. Make it easier on yourself in having things prepped before you enter the week or the school year for that matter. Create cubbies or bags on hooks or bins labeled for each sport / activity and all the items needed within for each one. Also, think about what you need in your car as backup should something be forgotten. It’s OK to have bins in your car for those emergency moments! Then you can teach the kids to put everything back so it is ready for the next practice or time they need it.

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