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3 Tips To Simplify Your Life!

Just think for a minute about the fact that the average person today is said to own 10,000 objects.  Yet are we any happier today than we were years before when consumption wasn’t the norm? We are far more in debt, more stressed and more likely to say it’s hard to afford to live than ever before.

Why are our lives so hectic?  The answer is easy….the stuff we own! The more money we spend to own more things just complicates it that much more.  We work so hard to have money to spend, but then the money we spend makes us work even harder while we watch the rest of our lives disappear in a blur of overactivity.

How can we simplify?

  1. Edit what you own and assess what you really need and love.  Items you have a hard time letting go of, store out of the way for a certain time frame.  If you don’t go looking for those items within that time frame, then remove them and donate without opening.  As hard as it can be to do, if you haven’t needed it, it’s best to move it on without triggering your memory of those items!  Consider donating to a good cause you support so the stuff you are not using can bless someone else that needs it.
  2. Display the items you have left in a well-organized manner.  Newsweek reports the average American wastes 55 minutes a day (roughly 12 days a year) looking for things they own but can’t find.
  3. Set an appointment to edit each month as maintenance.  This will continue the cycle of new things coming in and unnecessary things going out.  Creating a habit to prioritize this new way of living simply!

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