Life can be chaotic. You want your home or office to be free of clutter and well organized, but it can be overwhelming. Where to begin?

We will work with you to create a unique system to help you manage your space and your stuff. When you get control of your physical space, you feel better, are less stressed, think more clearly and are more productive!  And when everything is in its place, we will provide you with the personal tools to keep it that way! See our work!

OrganizingEtc. will help you…
  • De-clutter and organize your home or office
  • Organize your closets, kitchen, attic, basement and garage
  • Manage papers, files, photos, wardrobe
  • Catalog belongings for insurance/estate purposes
  • Prepare for relocation by de-cluttering and prep for staging your home or office, and can oversee the move
  • After the move: Unpackstreamline and organize your home or office
  • Run personal or business errands and be your personal shopper
  • Plan and coordinate business meetings
  • Categorize your digital photos and create a system to keep them organized
  • Senior Move Management to assist older adults and families with a downsize or moving

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Cheryl Murray

Cheryl Murray, founder of Organizing-Etc, provides innovative organizational services to individuals and businesses.

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Karen Swart

Karen Swart, sales associate for Dun & Bradstreet and Marion Merrell Dow for 10 years and mother of two girls, ages 18 and 21.

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Julie Madl

Julie Madl, a P.E. Teacher for over twenty years, co-owner of a business called "Skatetime" for seven years and a mother of four boys ranging from 18-27.

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Erin Samborski

Erin Samborski, a Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher for seven years, and a mother of three young boys joined Organizing-Etc in 2013. She was born and raised in Lees Summit...

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Kelly Skinner

Kelly Skinner, the Director of Client Services for a downtown corporation for ten years and stay at home mom for her two beautiful girls, remembers her need to organize even...

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Kristin Jenison

Kristin Jenison born and raised in Kansas City/Lee’s Summit area is married with three children. She worked in Marketing/Project Management for several large corporations including UPS, Cerner and Time Warner...

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