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  • Pantry Organization 101

    Prevent the pantry from becoming a clutter trap or dumping zone with these simple tips!  Summer is right around the corner so now is the time to create a system customized to fit your lifestyle that even your kids can maintain. 1. Think about what categories you need as a...

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  • To Shred Or Not To Shred?

    What papers do I keep or what papers do I shred?  We’ve got your questions answered.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for local shredding events to safely rid of the unwanted paper lying around your house or business! SHRED IMMEDIATELY: Sales receipts ATM receipts Paid credit card statements Credit...

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  • Can I Have A Junk Drawer?

    Cords Are a Culprit Oh how we need them this day in age, but keep the cord stash to a minimum in the junk drawer.  The mass amount of cords should be placed elsewhere, but label them so you know quickly what they work for and know when you dispose of a...

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