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Organizing The Homes and Offices of Satisfied Clients Since 2010

We customize every project, large or small, to meet the client’s needs.

Hear From Satisfied Clients

“Oh my goooosh! I am SO INCREDIBLY thankful!!! You guys are just amazing! I feel like I got a huge haircut that I’ve needed for years! It feels like a weight has been lifted (that I didn’t know was there!) One huge contractor trash bag, 3 bins to donate and several items in storage later- I can actually SEE WHAT IS IN MY PANTRY!!!”

Carrody Miller, BSN, RN

Prep For Summer Before It’s Here!

1.     Stock up on necessities- Summer necessities like mosquito repellent and sunscreen are must-haves and often the need for them sneaks up on us and catches us off guard.  Prep your car, sports bags, purses and house with your favorite...

Creative Closets + Organization

Look at the spaces in your home that are not being used effectively.  How can you transform this space to make it worthwhile? We love these transformations Better Homes and Gardens highlighted on their blog and here is why!  Photos courtesy of BHG. Especially in small...

The Urban Farm Girl Project

Check out our work with or at and see some amazing transformations our newest team member Kristin spearheaded!  

Beware The Daily Clutter Trap!

Do not under estimate the small spaces, and how they effect your day-to-day!  This month focus on the vanity and the clutter trap it creates! Under the sink organization- Out of sight, out of you may think.  When you have clear view of what is under your...

Get Rid Of These 10 Things Now!

Combat clutter by getting rid of these 10 things now!   Over time we hold onto things and don’t revisit areas of our home unless forced to.  This month add these items to your list and get rid of them.   You will feel so much lighter after doing so! Wire hangers Make...

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