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  • Creative Closets + Organization

    Look at the spaces in your home that are not being used effectively.  How can you transform this space to make it worthwhile? We love these transformations Better Homes and Gardens highlighted on their blog and here is why!  Photos courtesy of BHG. Especially in small living spaces, creating multi-functional areas is...

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  • The Urban Farm Girl Project

    Check out our work with or at and see some amazing transformations our newest team member Kristin spearheaded!  

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  • Beware The Daily Clutter Trap!

    Do not under estimate the small spaces, and how they effect your day-to-day!  This month focus on the vanity and the clutter trap it creates! Under the sink organization- Out of sight, out of mind….so you may think.  When you have clear view of what is under your sinks and...

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